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Projects  IDF


It is an organization focused on design, education and research to meet the needs of local stakeholders, qualified human resources and projects with high added value in order to strengthen competition in the global market through local development and international partnerships.

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a) Climathon

b) Hacko Music  

c) Hack4city

d) Social Cooperative Hackathon

e) Startup Weekend Food & Tech

f) Startup Weekend

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International Internship Centre,  It is an internship program established at Originn to develop professional competence in the field of creative industries, as well as to increase employment capability to create work experience through international internships. Within the scope of the internship program, 30 students were provided with internship opportunities in creative centers in Europe.

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FIG is a food and tourism entrepreneurship program designed by Kök Projekt and Originn, based on the Aegean fig, one of the local products of İzmir. Within the scope of the program, 8 startups selected with the aim of strengthening the tourism and food sector potential of İzmir and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs were carried out with a 3-month acceleration program.  While developing their own initiatives, they also produced solutions to the problems that hinder development in the region.

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Yesilova Mound Visitor Center

In 2017, he organized workshops that brought together the historical texture of Yeşilova Mound with designers and people who think, design and enjoy creating in the city.

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The “Cycle: Transformation Stories from Producer to Manufacturer” series carries the excitement of raising our awareness and raising awareness by aiming to produce by prioritizing contact with nature, supporting the producer, consuming less and transforming what we consume.

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In Originn creativity; was established under the leadership of sustainable fashion entrepreneurs Nermin Köse and Gözde Karatekin with the motto of "Creative cooperation for sustainable fashion". Notion Kolektif encourages entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change leaders, professionals, academics, students and fashion enthusiasts working in the field of sustainable fashion to discuss the social and environmental effects of fashion, improve the destructive effects of fast fashion, and develop innovative and alternative solutions for the sustainable and ethical transformation of the fashion industry. It is a unity that brings together the purpose.

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In Originn, after Barcelona, Menorca, Ibiza, Palma and Argentina. Think Up Culture!, an accelerator program that supports entrepreneurs or projects in the field of culture and the creative industry. In its first meeting, it hosted the pioneers of regional transformation, tourism and digitalization in the sector in Europe.

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Co.LAB4 Contemporary Art Movement is an open platform that encourages different disciplines to think about and produce art. He realized his first project in the post-dramatic field together with four independent theaters in İzmir. The second project of the Co.LAB4 movement was the "2YKFF Spring Programme", implemented in cooperation with the "International 2 Collar Short Film Festival(2YKFF)".

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Coworking For CoFounders

New beginnings were made for new collaborations at the event, which was held with the participation of creative entrepreneurs, co-working space representatives from different countries and in cooperation with IPEC.

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Food Societies transform the meeting of direct producers and producers, inherited from the ancestors, into enjoyable meetings by using the opportunities of the age. Each meeting creates areas that support more information sharing, awareness, production that respects nature, and also provides the opportunity to get to know the producers and meet with the products of the producers.  

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