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What We do?


İzmir Design Factory has emerged as a result of research carried out to develop an approach that can offer solutions to the main problems in other university-industry collaborations that have been carried out so far. The concepts of communication, collaboration, questioning and creativity have been seen as concepts that affect the sustainability of relations in this direction. That's why IDF has created a flexible, inclusive and community-focused structure that encompasses both individuals and institutions in order to deliver sustainable value.

In the IDF structure, a non-hierarchical and constantly evolving collaboration environment is provided for students, educators, researchers and business people. While the platform aims to develop multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary design, education and research, it is also a useful tool for academic research.

Researchers from different disciplines come together to contribute to regional development by developing the R&D culture along with the design and education topics under the IDF roof. Working together with people from different disciplines such as designers, academics, psychologists, entrepreneurs, business people, we try to combine experience and practice in various fields with theory and  IDF continues to develop its platform and applications continuously.

Working together with people from different fields and disciplines such as professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, business people, it combines this rich experience and practice with theory and ensures the sustainability of the development of IDF.

Our Research 

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