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Our Story

Our story


Local Model Editing

The Porto Design Factory model was shared with IPEC, and work began on a local setup.

February 2019

Think Up Culture

The IDF project was announced at the event, which was held for the first time in Turkey by Originn. We gathered universities, industries and institutions under a common roof within the scope of this international event, and we understood their expectations, needs and contributions to this structure with the focus of establishing collaborations in the creative industries.

October-December 2019

Planning the Design Thinking Course

Planning and approval of the Design Thinking Course with Yaşar University that is open to the participation of the departments providing undergraduate education, credited and added to the education plans. The content and materials of the course, which was designed as a local education model, were prepared.

February-June 2020

Design Thinking Course 1

We completed the course we developed with 8 instructor / facilitators, 1 researcher, 11 mentors, 5 partners and 54 participants.

September 2020 - January 2021

Design Thinking Course 2

We completed the second Design Thinking Course with 5 instructor / facilitators , 1 research assistant, 4 co-facilitators, 15 mentors, 2 partners and 29 participants.


Originn Porto Visit

We met with Porto Design Factory for the first time and we met with the Design Factory model.


First Seed

Originn has been awarded the Erasmus Plus KA2 Project given by the European Union.

June 2019

Kick Off Meeting

We gathered at Originn with the project partners and determined our roadmap and general values.

February 2020

Interim Meeting

We held a contact meeting with the project partners about the course and training materials we developed during this process.

September 2020

Sustainable Fashion Co.Creathon

In Co.Creathon, which was developed in line with the desire of first-term IDF alumni to create value locally, 21 participants from 10 different disciplines of 4 universities developed 5 different projects under the title of "Sustainable Fashion" for our local stakeholder Notion Collective, accompanied by 8 mentors.

November 2021

Circular Design Marathon

The Design Marathon, which was designed by adapting the Design Thinking process as a 3-day compact process, was held with 7 participants from 5 different departments of 4 universities and 9 mentors on the subject of "Resource Efficiency in the Textile Industry" with the partnership of ESİAD,
one of the local project partners.

September 2021

Porto Design Factory Internship

As a continuation of the Design Thinking Course, 10 IDF alumni studied on the title "How can we sustain IDF in Izmir?"  at Porto Design Factory, one of our global stakeholders, for 3 weeks.

December 2021


We held a hybrid event at Originn to listen to the three-year adventure of İzmir Design Factory, to meet the ever-expanding IDF family in this adventure, and to further strengthen our ties.

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